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The Course Exchange

Want to create your own marketplace, gain access to shared resources, and be part of centralized and streamlined governance? Any college or university can become part of a state-of-the-art platform that streamlines systems across private and public institutions, multiple campuses, or between different statewide Universities. Whether you are a 2-year community college or a 4-year institution, this is open to anyone that wants to:

Be part of an innovative cooperative
  • Increase retention and revenues
  • Sunsetting programs or courses
  • Redirect lower enrolled sections
  • Manage faculty load
  • Access new enrollments
  • Expand degree programs
  • Offer summer courses
  • Sandbox new courses
  • Ignite and fuel lead generation and marketing efforts
Streamline cross-registration and consolidate billing
  • Align multiple SIS systems
  • Connect campuses with a single portal for registration, grades, and billing

Learn more about the benefits of being part of a cooperative of leading Universities.

By Creating A Course Exchange

You Will Reap The Benefits

  • Collaboration between like-minded educational institutions
  • Shared resources
  • Automate manual exchange systems and processes
  • Reimagine marketing and recruitment tools
  • Facilitate cross-registration between institutions
  • Economy of scale
  • Shared vision and strategy
  • Multiple campus integration

Our Process is Simple


Front-end analysis to develop clear vision and goals of the collective.


Bringing representatives together from each institution to identify a customized solution and package your Exchange.


Establish timeline, budget, and milestones. Monitoring, oversight, and communication with stakeholders to gear up for launch.


Support is provided for all plans depending on the customized solution for your collective.

Exchanges and Members

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